"Cuando se puede elegir, es obligado acertar."
"When you can choose, you must be right."


    • Formamos parte de la Red de Centros Bilingües de la Comunidad de Madrid.
    • Dentro de la excelencia que nos caracteriza, desarrollamos un proyecto bilingüe de diseño propio que incorpora el programa de Centros Bilingües Cooperativos (CBC). Este programa permite, a través de unos exigentes indicadores, acreditar y reconocer su calidad y nivel de excelencia mediante una rigurosa evaluación externa.


  • Somos centro examinador de Cambridge. Cada año se incorporan a nuestra plantilla un equipo de auxiliares de conversación nativos, principalmente de Estados Unidos, que además de preparar a los alumnos para las pruebas de Cambridge, les proporcionan una inmersión lingüística y cultural.
  • Impartimos Francés como segundo idioma a partir de 3º de Primaria.
  • Ofrecemos Chino Mandarín como tercer idioma desde Educación Primaria.
  • Participamos en el proyecto europeo eTwinning, en el que compartimos actividades con otros colegios europeos.
  • Organizamos actividades bilingües (gymkhanas, campamentos, multiaventura…)
  • Viajes e intercambios en el extranjero.

Blog idiomas

Have we lost the magic of sending letters?

   Sure, I may be overexaggerating it already and I admit but, let me ask you, when was the last time you sat down in a corner, dwelt on your thoughts about someone or something, and started to put your musings into a handwritten letter?   Why write letters? Reading a story of a handwritten…...

History and the new generation

  The endless opportunity to bend a specific situation and the ‘what if’ question you pose on the different sides of the narrative are there floating in your mind. As we grow our wisdom and knowledge through research and evidence and tons of books available out there, we become a more morally conscious being in…...
cabecera Christmas at Alkor

Christmas at Alkor. Once upon a time, in an ice-cold land quite far from Spain…

Christmas at Alkor. I bet it’s December as everyone on the Earth has chosen the same, according to my statistics approved by Santa’s reindeers! I hear you, when the streets are filled with lights of all kinds and colors and the square turns into a small dramatic Grindelwald village, everything just becomes warm and real…...
Thanksgiving day

Why should every day be Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day at Alkor School How sweet is the universe for showering us with abundant gifts of life, friendship, and family that keep us grounded and whole. Today, we dedicate ourselves to them. We thank their presence and the never-ending love that we receive from them, in good times and in bad. They have been…...

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