"Cuando se puede elegir, es obligado acertar." "When you can choose, you must be right."

World Water Day

World Water Day was proclaimed by the UN in 1992. It is celebrated on March 22 of each year. Its main objective is to create awareness in people of the need to take care of the so-called, we could say, "elixir of life" for living beings on planet Earth.


Water is essential for endless issues and much more so in these times of pandemic that we are experiencing, where hygiene is so necessary to stop epidemics and infectious diseases.

We must all become aware, and above all our little ones, of the privilege of having water, when for example, millions of children in the world do not have access to it.

At the Alkor Nursery School we work daily on this need in particular, and care for the Environment in general. However, with the arrival of this commemoration, we wanted to influence, one more year on this aspect, carrying out different workshops, works, viewing videos, etc.

We want to dismiss these lines with this thought:

“Water is an essential natural resource for life. We must avoid wasting it, because, contrary to what some people think, it is a limited resource. Every drop and every gesture counts. And why not start thinking, with authentic conviction, that our contribution is fundamental”.

Taking advantage of the participation of all the families in the development of the Fishing and Aquaculture Project, a seabed has been designed, which serves as a stage to exhibit the work carried out.




Five-year-old boys and girls activities:

We color the planet Earth and write «World Water Day»


We observe and analyze the water in its different states. Solid (ice glove), liquid (normal water) and vapor (hot water).




Four-year-old boys and girls activities:

We paint a picture that helps us remember how important it is to save water.




Three-year-old boys and girls activities:

We mark on the robotics board the vocabulary related to water that we have learned.

marzo 25, 2022
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