"Cuando se puede elegir, es obligado acertar."
"When you can choose, you must be right."

Halloween in Secondary

Una de las profesoras auxiliares nativas americanas nos da su visión de cómo celebramos en Alkor la festividad de Halloween.

This was my first Halloween at Colegio Alkor, and it was definitely full of spooky fun and school spirit. There were so many fun traditions to participate in, including dressing up in scary costumes, decorating classrooms and playing fun games.

Everyone got in on the fun. Students, teachers and staff from Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary dressed up as zombies, vampires and all kinds of monsters. Although in Primary I did see some very cute princesses, cowboys and witches. In Secondary, one class decided to show united class spirit by all dressing up as the thieves from the popular Spanish series Casa de Papel. They all wore red coveralls and Salvador Dalí masks.

Another great thing was seeing how excited the students were to decorate their classrooms, including the students in 4th of E.S.O. The students transformed the rooms into creepy chambers adorned with giant black cobwebs and spiders, eyeless baby dolls and signs that warned people to keep out. Most impressive was how students used ordinary materials like black trash bags, paint and paper, and cotton to create such a supernatural spectacle.

They also put their artistic skills to the test by carving an amazing array of jack-o’-lanterns which included one Cookie Monster munching on Galletas Marías and a beautiful skull.

Another activity was the Haunted House organised with the help from the 1st and 4th of E.S.O students. Starting with the lobby of the Secondary Building, students were immersed in an ominous spirit of chilling things to come. Once students were ushered into the door of the haunted house, they were plunged into a foggy darkness save for a dim light held by a ghoul that led the way through the labyrinth. Wails and moans filled the air and monsters popped out at the least expected moment causing guests to scream in fright. I am sure that I screamed the loudest and longest!

In short, Halloween at Colegio Alkor was a frightfully good time.


Erica Reynoso (English Language Assistant in Secondary)



diciembre 10, 2018

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