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Halloween celebration in USA and Alkor School

Halloween in USA

Halloween is a very special Holiday in America. Every year as Halloween nears people begin thinking about what they will dress up as, a famous baseball player, a witch, a ballerina or maybe a vampire. Houses are decorated with cobwebs, jack o lanterns and Happy Halloween signs. On Halloween night people have a bowl of candies ready for trick or treaters. When the trick or treaters come by they ring the doorbell.  The children dressed in their costumes will say “trick or treat” and the adult will give each child one piece of candy from their candy bowl. Children trick or treat with pillowcases to carry their candy or younger children with jack o lantern baskets.

Families go to the local farm that grows a pumpkin patch.

Leading up to Halloween families have special Halloween traditions as well. Families go to the local farm that grows a pumpkin patch. There the families will pick out the pumpkin that each child wants to carve, usually the bigger the better! Then at home families carve the pumpkin with a jack o lantern face or maybe a Halloween scene that they find online. The families then draw out the outline and with a knife cut the image. Then with a big spoon they take out all the pumpkin mush inside. Some of our native english speakers said that they are used to separate the seeds from the mush. They roast the seeds in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper. They are delicious! When the pumpkins have been carved, we put the jack o lanterns on the front door step with a candle inside. But the outdoor decorations have just begun! Most families decorate their yard and outside of the house with cobwebs and frightening decorations!



Halloween in Alkor

Halloween day is an important day in the calendar. On the 31st of October we celebrated it in Alkor. Primary students went dressed up ready to have a scary day. All kids enjoyed a scary breakfast with their classmates and teachers.

Halloween is always a special day for them.

While the youngest kids had fun celebrating “The autumn party” and participating in the games that the ESO kids prepared for them, the oldest ones played games in the playground and listened to scary stories. After the terrified playground, all of us could enjoy a Halloween dance the 6th grade students had prepared. It was so fun. Following lunch, the cinema was available for the kids who wanted to watch short films. We can´t forget the youngest primary kids who prepared with love a “Scary photocall” with different masks so all the kids could have their “Scary photo”.

All kids will remember this day because they enjoyed it a lot. Halloween is always a special day for them.

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