"Cuando se puede elegir, es obligado acertar."
"When you can choose, you must be right."

Christmas at Alkor. Once upon a time, in an ice-cold land quite far from Spain…

...a sugary-filled holiday was made for kids and young-at-heart and free-spirited adults. Oh Christmas, such a magical word to daydream about. Here’s the deal: I’m lending you a time machine for 24 hours and I want you to take a trip down memory lane and relieve your most favorite month of all.

Christmas at Alkor.

I bet it’s December as everyone on the Earth has chosen the same, according to my statistics approved by Santa’s reindeers! I hear you, when the streets are filled with lights of all kinds and colors and the square turns into a small dramatic Grindelwald village, everything just becomes warm and real and bright like that Rapunzel moment in the boat with Flynn Rider. You know what this most wonderful time of the year is teaching us? It makes us remember what happiness simply means – through helping, and keeping the Christmas tradition alive.


Happiness shared by students through civic engagement

Christmas at AlkorOur childhood reminds us of a yearly special time in our lives that cannot be forgotten – Christmas time. Whether it be receiving gifts from the Kings, singing Christmas carols like Los Peces en el Río, or munching on a sweet oval-shaped bread topped with candied fruits and filled with whipped cream, most commonly known as Roscón de Reyes, spending time with our dearest family and friends create a bigger joy in our hearts.

The good thing about getting on this season is not only do we get extra jolly, giddy and cozy, but the spirit of generosity and charity is doubled by this cheerily Epiphany.

Giving a twist to Frank Sinatra’s Let It Snow, what better way to spend the holidays than to let the act of love and service flow, flow, flow. In our own little ways, we extend kindness by donating our beloved Mickey Mouse plush toy, raising money for the home for the aged, or just by advocating from classroom-to-classroom the situation of the disadvantaged people. Imagine how these collective initiatives can promote social change and echo a big message that will positively influence everyone to do the same.

Humanitarian work

The trickle down effect of good deeds comes from nurturing the seeds, like the involvement of students in Alkor with various non-government organizations (NGOs) they are tied up with. The students are hands-on with the humanitarian work they have pledged their support on, from NGOs and foundations that cater kids with cancer, to senior citizens in nursing homes, it’s just heartwarming to see kids develop an essential component of empathy. It is most especially reflected on the amount of collection generated from the recent food drive to be given to the beneficiaries of Alkor. Oh, what would Santa do without his little helpers. He is thankful for each and every one of them!

The students are hands-on with the humanitarian work they have pledged their support on, from NGOs and foundations that cater kids with cancer, to senior citizens in nursing homes, it’s just heartwarming to see kids develop an essential component of empathy.

Happiness experienced by students in every corner of the school

Christmas at AlkorAlthough the tradition of Christmas varies in a multi-cultural manner, we are all still bonded by love wrapped in a red metallic foil and wax sealed by Papa Noel. Each year, students have a special Christmas-related session in their English class to talk about the practices and how Yuletide is observed in other parts of the world.

In December, Americans make gingerbread houses, a sweet spiced cake inspired from the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Some delicacies that are served in their household include fruitcakes, eggnog, and holiday-themed cookies.

I know, I’m also drooling over these sweet treats, so let’s try to hop on to the other side of the globe. Did you know that the Philippines is known for its longest celebration of Christmas? As early as September, houses and malls are festive-decorated already, full with poinsettia and tiny to big-as-a-billboard lanterns.

Christmas at Alkor: dancing and singing

Christmas carols are played on the radio, in the mass, at parties, anywhere you go, the bells jingle and the people mingle. Speaking of music and talent, in American Literature class, 3rd year students made up Christmas lyrics to the rhythm of their favorite song. These are some of the write-ups of Jolina’s students that turned the classroom into a groovy karaoke studio and made everyone sing and dance along! 

Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley

(written by Germán Arenal Ortega, Alonso Pizzaro Flores, Salvador Isidro García)


We want some presents not socks

You know who’s Santa and so do I

A lot of presents

What I am thinking for

You have to get this through Amazon

I just wanna tell you how I am feeling

Gotta make you understand


Santa Claus is coming up

Through the chimney goes down

He is going to run around you and sing you

He will never make you cry

Then he is going to say goodbye

He will never tell a lie and hurt you


Macarena by Los del Río

(written by Unai Muñoz Rodríguez, Darío Hijarrubia López, Sergio Gámir García, Maria Dolores Oyono Efuá)

Christmas is coming and we have to enjoy it

So go out of your houses and put right now the Christmas tree

Christmas is coming and we have to enjoy it, eeee, this is Christmas, hey!


If you want to enjoy this Christmas

You will have to wear all day your masks

If you want to enjoy this Christmas

Don’t forget to put sanitizer


Are you going to eat the 12 grapes

On the 31st of December

Are you going to eat the 12 grapes

To welcome our New Year


If I had to freeze a wonderful moment…

If I had to freeze a wonderful moment where almost all students came out of their shell and confidently performed in front of a crowd, it would be the entire time we were having this activity. Some even had a prop, a skit, a dance number! Everybody was in pure bliss! This will always give us a yearning to celebrate the season. This feeling even intensifies with the Christmassy vibe that all of us get inside the school.

If you check out the Thanksgiving tree, it has now been transformed into a Christmas tree at Alkor. If you go to some classrooms, there are beautifully hung whim-whams from the ceilings and green-painted pine cones bedazzled by rainbow-colored beads on top of the lockers. There is a nativity scene with a few snow globes welcoming any guest that comes in the building. And while the hallway is full of ornaments, the students also got the memo and wore their best Christmas sweaters on the last day of school.

Some even had matching outfits like girl groups from the 70s with fabulous candy cane headbands and funky shiny tinsel wristbands! Sadly, there were no free churros in the campus or so-called chocolatada because of COVID, but the students definitely enjoyed the fun activity-filled day! 


Wherever you are spending the holidays this year, we wish you a happy and safe celebration! Remember to sprinkle some sugar in everything you do and be a star that spreads happiness to others! Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad! Maligayang Pasko! from Jolina aka Santa’s messenger 🎄.

Christmas at Alkor.

diciembre 27, 2021

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