"Cuando se puede elegir, es obligado acertar."
"When you can choose, you must be right."

Bilingüismo en la Escuela Infantil Alkor

Throughout the year, the students in Infantile learned how to celebrate many different traditional holidays from the United States, and the vocabulary associated with each holiday.


In September,

the 3 and 4-year-old students went on a fieldtrip  where they learned new vocabulary about their environment. The 5-year-olds went to the market where they learned about different foods.

In October,

we celebrated Halloween! The students learned about how children in the US celebrate Halloween.

In November,

the students celebrated Thanksgiving learning about who the pilgrims and natives are.

In December,

we celebrated Christmas! Before leaving for Christmas break, the students had a big Christmas party with singing and dancing.

In January,

Infantile celebrated World Peace Day!, The students played sharing games, talked about what it meant to have peace and bring peace to a situation.

In February,

the students celebrated Valentine’s Day! They created a heart shaped Alphabet worm to decorate the walls.

In March,

we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day! The students learned about the origin of the holiday.


brought us Culture Week and Easter! Because Culture Week was focused on the Periodic Table of Elements.

In May,

we celebrated Family Day. The students learned how to answer specific questions about their family.

We have had a fantastic year with our Nativos in Colegio Alkor!



junio 17, 2019




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